The partition or region in which CA-Easytrieve Plus is running is too small. If possible, a supplemental message is provided that defines the necessary storage type, amount, and the identity of the routine that requested the storage. This problem can usually be corrected by increasing the partition size or region size. If the supplemental message is "EZTVFM", either permit VFM to go to a disk or increase the VFM core storage.
The size of the tables used in a program can be a potential problem. CA-Easytrieve Plus will allocate space for each table in the program using the following formula, and then add them together to determine the total core storage to be allocated:
LRECL * the number of table entries = The amount of allocated storage
For example, if you specify a table value of 600000, approximately 21 MB of real core storage will be allocated for the table, regardless of the actual number of table entries. If the table has 20000 entries, the amount needed is approximately 720,000 bytes. This is considerably smaller than the 21 MB reserved by CA-Easytrieve Plus.

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